The SGC Development Department is a Department within SGC, you can be in the development group and any other type of branch/sub branch. This group is a place inwhich SGC's scripters/builders/artists are all together making PBS creation easier and also combined group efforts on a single project. This branch is the most exclusive branch aside from high command and only builders/scripters/artists with a decent l

evel of ability in their area will be accepted into the department and allowed to work on classified development projects for SGC.

How to joinEdit

To join you must get reviewed by either the head of building, head of scripting or by Ancientblue. You will need to build/script/design somthing for SGC that will give us an example of your skill level. Below is a list of suggestions of examples you could sumbit..

  • A base for SGC, either a actual base or a training facility or somthing new.
  • Script some sort of new system for SGC.
  • Design an upgraded logo for one of the branchs.
  • A uniform for SGC.
  • A thumbnail for one of the bases.
  • A new tool or weapon for SGC.

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